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The locality of Sheshory (12 km. from Kosiv and 30 km. from Kolomyia) attracts travelers with its Malyi (Small, 2 m.) and Velykyi Huk (Big, 5 m.) waterfalls. In 1932 the famous song “Hutsul Ksenia” was born in Sheshory. It was written by the student Roman Savytsky who devoted it to the daughter of the local forest warden, Oksana Burachinska. The local historical and cultural memorials include the Church of St. Paraskeva (1874), the terrain Lebedyn with a lake at a height of 650 m., which is a reserve territory with many rare herbs. Over the last few years Sheshory has been a site for folding ecological festivals .

The “Hutsulia” National Natural Park was founded in May 2002. It is situated within the borders of Kosiv district and covers an area of 32,271 hectares. It is about 29 km. long from north-west to south­east, and 20 km., from north-east to south-west. It is situated in the picturesque woodlands of the Pokuttia-Bukovyna Carpathians. The highest top of the park is Hrehit mountain (1,472 m.). Its mountainsides are covered with alluvial rocky deposits.The largest rivers and streams are Liuchka, Pistynska, Rybnytsia, and Cheremosh. The Chermoch River flowing along the south-eastern border is the most popular among water recreation lovers and sport fans. Climate in the territory of the park is temperate-continental. Forests are the park’s greatest wealth. In its lower part there are deciduous woods, mostly oak forests. Besides oak tree, beech and hornbeam are growing in the lower tier; ash-tree, birch, and elm, in damper sections; hazel nut tree, hawthorn, buckthorn, elder, and other species, in the areas of underbrush. Brown bear, Carpathian deer, and European roe can be seen in the forests. To become acquainted with the rules of visiting the park you should address the office of the board of the NNP”Hutsulia” .

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