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One of the most pictur­esque route in Ukraine, runs along the south­ern Black Sea coast between the moun­tains and the sea. The roads branching off to the right lead to resort town­ships – we shall become acquainted with some of them. Beyond the moun­tain whose outlines resemble a giant cat, there is a view of the well-known health resort of Simeiz. This corner of the Black Sea coast has always attracted the rich and those of exalted rank. This locality enjoyed popularity in ancient times as well – among the Tauris, Greeks, Theodorites and others, which is proved by numer­ous archaeological finds. In the 19 th – early 20 th centuries eminent officials and industrialists began to build there beauti­ful summer cottages, ordering designs to the best architects.

Some of them have survived to our time, for instance such as “Chrysolite,” “Dream,” and “Ksenia” villas. The last one was built in 1911 after the project of M.Krasnovand is considered a building with ghosts. The township is also known for its ob­servatory built on money of M.Maltsev, one of the richest land­owners in Simeiz. In 1959 they observed here the reverse of the Moon for the first time. Scientific research work was transferred to the settlement of Nauchnyi long ago, but the observatory has been functioning up to this day.

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