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Thirty two kilometers southeast of Ternopil, over the Hnyla River, there is the town of Skalat known from 1564. To defend it against enemy onslaughts the nobleman K.Vikhrowski began to build a castle in 1630, which was encircled with a 2-meter-deep water-filled ditch on the northern and southeast sides. Two other sides were blocked by marshes. During the wars with the Cossacks and Turks the fortress was damaged so much that it lost its defensive functions. In the late 17 th century the new owner of the castle, Jan Firlej reconstructed it into a dwelling house. In the northeastern fortress wall appeared a stone gate with a sumptuous decor in the form of a stone knight. The castle’s walls were 6 meters high and 2 meters thick on all sides. In the late 19 th century professor of Technological Academy in Lviv, architect T.Taliowski, worked out a restoration project for the castle’s towers, giving them neo-Gothic forms. Unfortunately, during World War I the fortress was ruined. Nevertheless the Skalat Castle is considered one of the best surviving relics in Ternopil Podolia.

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