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The city of Sniatyn is a tidy district center situated on the left bank of the Prut River. It is the unofficial capital of the ethnic region of Pokuttia. First written reference to Sniatyn dates back to 1158. It is assumed that its name originates from the voevode of Prince Yaroslav Osmomysl – Kostiantyn Siroslavovych. In chronicle it is mentioned as Ksniatyn. Another version states that during one of the assaults the Turks and Tatars beheaded (Ukr. “stiaty”) all inhabitants. Owing to its location on the road from Moldova to Lviv, a big market was functioning in the city. From 1590 to 1648 the Tatars attacked Sniatyn 29 times.The local town hall is the most interesting architectural memorial; its construction started in 1861 and lasted forty years.

The short-story writer V.Stefanyk is the best-known citizen of Sniatyn. V.Stefanyk literary-memorial museum is situated in the town of Rusiv. V.Kasian (well-known Ukrainian artist) art-memorial museum is located in Sniatyn as well .

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