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The last park of the Chernihiv “trio” is situated in the village of Sokyryntsi Little has remained from the park, but the palace, at least its outward appearance, has been preserved. In the early 18 th century this land belonged to the Halahans family. Hnat Halahan is an ambiguous figure in the history of Ukraine. From I. Mazepa he came over to Peter I’s side, destroyed the old Sich, and was Pryluky colonel… His grandson Ivan Hryhorovych began to build up Sokyryntsi. With time, passing by right of succession, it became better and better. The Halahans family came to the end on young Pavlo Hryhorovych who died when he was 16. His inconsolable parents founded Pavlo Halahan co llegium (educational institution) in Kyiv. The grand palace was raised in the 1830 s. From the once grandiose complex the palace itself, pergola, the gate with outbuildings, and the ruins of the Gothic bridge have survived to our time. Near the palace’s park facade there was erected the monument to the blind kobzar Ostap Veresay whose creative work was Hryhoriy Halahan’s delight. Thanks to his support Veresay appeared on stage in Kyiv and Petersburg. Today the palace houses Sokyryntsi Agrarian Lyceum. Two rooms have been arranged as O.Veresay museum. Almost nothing has been preserved of the interior decor, except some fragments in the ball-room. We are finishing our brief story of Chernihiv parks, but if you want to know more about the history of the magnificent ensembles and their owners, apply for information to the guide “Chernihiv and its Environs” issued by Baltia-Druk Publishers.

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