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Those who come to the quiet town of Sosnytsia for the first time will hardly believe that in ancient time it was a formidable fortress that defended in the 12 th-13 th centuries the ferry across the Ubid River. During digs archaeologists discovered the remains of an ancient settlement with a castle and trading quarter. The Church of the Intercession (1847) has been preserved in the town. However, numerous tourists come here not because of it. Sosnytsia is the birthplace of Oleksandr Dovzhenko where the founder of Ukrainian cinematography, writer, and publicist spent his childhood and youth. His film “The Earth” (1930), in which he acted as director and the author of the screenplay, belongs to the golden fund of world cinema art. In his autobiographic story “The Enchanted Desna” the artist remembers “his life in Sosnytsia.” 0. Dovzhenko Museum is located in the oldest street of the town, the former Vyunyska St.

During the time of Kyivan Rus here ran the Makoshynsky road. In the yard of the memorial estate there has survivied the father’s hut where household utensils, family photographs, etc. are put on display. Bust of Oleksandr Dovchenko has been erected in the yard, and in the square, opposite the museum, there is a wonderful sculpture representing the youth setting out from a modest rural street to immortality. There is an interesting detail: Anna Kern who was well known to Aleksandr Pushkin’s admirers, and one of the poet’s numerous muses, lived in Sosnytsia in 1844-1855.

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