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Sudak. Situated on the shore of Sudak Bay this city is known from the 2 nd-3 rd centuries. In the course of its existence it belonged to the Alanians, Byzantines, Russians, Tatars… During the Genoese rule (1365-1475) the fortifications built by Byzantines in the9th-10th centuries were renovated and materially im­proved. Now the Genoese fortress is the main historical memo­rial of Sudak, which is annually visited by thousands of tourists. The formidable towers, strong gates, high walls, temples, the Consular castle, powder-magazines, and the unassailable Watch tower are the relics attracting all visitors to the Crimea. Several hours spent in the reserve will be engraved on your memory for a long time. Sudak’s other sights have a more modest appearance. They in­clude the Intercession Church (1819, 27 Lenin St.), the Lutheran Church (1880 s), old buildings of the former German colony (vil. Uiutne, Prvmorska St.).

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