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On the way from Yahotyn it is worth paying a visit to the village of Sulymivka particularly if you travel on Sunday when the church is open. The village is small. Its population is a little more than 80 villagers, that is why the church opens only during divine services and on Sundays. Route  leads to Sulymivka, in Bzov turn right and go northward about 11 km. along a poor quality road. The Intercession Church is situated in the central square beyond the pond. The temple was built in 1708 on money of hetman Ivan Sulyma. It combines the features of folk architecture with Renaissance ones. Around the church was laid out a park, which has turned into a forest thicket. The local priest who lives opposite the church will tell you the story of the Sulymas family and the tragic fate of the founder of the estate.

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