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First written reference to SVIRZH dates back to 1427, when Polish king Wladyslaw II visited the village. In 1449 the castle was separated from the village. Since then the fortress was mentioned only in 1530, when it belonged to the family of Svirzhsky.

The modern appearance the structure acquired in the mid-17 th century, when it became the property of Count A.Zetner. The latter instructed General of Artillery Pavlo Hrozdytsky, who was working on the construction of the royal arsenal in Lviv, to rebuild¬† and fortify the walls.¬† The castle was the “family refuge” and it was easy to hide oneself from displeasures of everyday life just by lifting its drawbridge.

During the rebellion of Bohdan Khmelnytsky the Cossacks plundered the castle. In 1675 it withstood the siege of the Turkish troops. The castle remained the family shelter of the Zetners until the close of the 19 th century. From 1907 to 1939 it was the property of Count Robert La Meson.

At that period the interiors were decorated with portraits and valuable furniture. However, in 1914 the estate was set on fire by the Russian troops.

During World War II the castle was again plundered and partially destroyed. Since then attempts have been made to restore it.

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