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The official date of foundation of the settlement of Talne is considered 1609, though a large settlement of ancient grain-growers existed in this place 5 thou­sand years B.C.During archeological digs of eight burial mounds in 1876 archeologists discovered platinum mirrors, golden finger rings, bronze ear-rings, and a Byzantine copper incensory. The local Hunter’s Castle (1896-1903) was built in the French style on demand of Count P.Shuvalov. Thanks to the count the settlement acquired a sugar-refinery, brick yard, brewery, two water-mills, and a stud-farm. Before P.Shuvalov Talne belonged to Count Stanislaw Potocki and his wife Sophia. The fascinating Greek woman, in whose honor the famous park “Sofiivka” had been built, was buried in Talne, in the local Church of the Holy Trinity (1846). Countess Olga Potocka and her husband, General-adjutant Lev Naryshkin, were the successive owners. The tombstones of Sophia (1829-1894), Peter (1819-1900) and Pavel (1847-1902) Shuvalov have survived near the castle, where they were transferred by the workers of the museum of grain-growing, which was located there till 1987. Now the castle is under reconstruction.

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