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The settlement of TATARIV is a climatic health resort situated in the valley of the Prut River (750 m above sea level). It is assumed that the name of the locality originated from a Tatar woman who lagged behind the army and was killed by the Hutsuls.

The legend may have a real background because in the 13 th century Tatar detachments passed through these places, trying to make their way to Western Europe. Today the local inhabitants are much more hospitable.

Tatariv is known for its picturesque landscapes and a number of architectural monuments. Among them is the quiet and beautiful Church of St. Demetrius (1870, architect F.Menchynsky).To the left of the road leading to Yablunivsky pass there has been erected a monument to Austro-Hungarian soldiers who perished in battles with the Russian army during the First World War.

A common grave of Austro-Hungarian soldiers who died at that time has been renewed in Tatariv as well.

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