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The outskirts of the city are far more interesting. Following to the north (15 km), turn right to the village of Terpinnia. The name originated from the immigrant-Dukhobors who in the early 19 th century arrived from the Tambov province, saving themselves from pursuits by the Orthodox Church. In the outskirts of the village there is an enigmatic natural memorial under the name of “Stone Grave”. Scientists consider that the chaotic conglomeration of stones  which is 12 m. high is the remains of an ancient geyser aged about 5 million years. 14,000 years ago primitive people became interested in clods with cavities, cracks and grottoes and began to draw enigmatic signs and pictures on the stones. This “collection of graphitti” was enriched in course of time -Scythians-Sarmatians joined to the ancient hunters…

It seems that the stone grave could serve as the place of the sacral meet­ings of Sarmatian Amazons with men of a neighboring tribe. Women the warriors of the steppes existed in fact. They were brave and adroit horsewomen, went without men except for two months in spring, when they met with the representatives of the stronger sex in matters of continuation of the family (the Greek historian Strabon asserts this fact). In due time Scythians settled in these terrains – it is proved by unique artifacts found during the ar­chaeological dig of the Melitopol burial mound. In the burial place of Scythian nobility there were found many objects of gold about 3.5 kg. by gross weight. Of special value is the quiver with arrows. Upon its golden plates are represented scenes from the life of the legendary Achilles, hero of Homer’s “Iliad.” Archeological finds from numerous burial mounds of Melitopol region have enriched world historical science.

There are other natural reserves in the region such as Staroberdiansk forestry, Molochny estuary, Obitochna kosa, and others.

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