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The locality of Trakhtemyriv is one of the most important memorials of Ukrainian his­tory. Archaeological finds testify that this territory was populated as far back as the times of Trypillia culture. In 1899 Vikentiy Khvoyka found the traces of archaeological culture in the neighboring village of Zarubyntsi. It was given the name of Zarubynetska. This culture is the first Slavonic culture in the terrains of Ukraine. Located on an important ferriage across the Dnieper, Trakhtemyriv was always an important trade and military center. In the 14 th-17 th centuries the settlement was under the power of Lithuanian princes, then under a Kyivan voevode, and Polish king. In 1578 Stephen Batoriy issued a royal proclamation under which the first registered Cossack regiments were formed, and Trakhtemiriv was handed over at their disposal. In Trakhtemyriv there was a famous Cossack monastery and hospital for wounded, sick and feeble Cossacks many of whom lived out there their days.

After the death of Bohdan Khmelnytsky Trakhtemyriv fell into decay. In 1662-1665 the Cossack monastery was destroyed. In Soviet times, when the Kaniv reservoir was made, the village got in the area of submergence so the villagers were evicted. The state historical and cultural reserve “Trakhtemyriv” was set up in its territory. The roads are in bad state so you visit Trakhtemyriv only using a landrover. Weather condi­tions should be taken into account as well.

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