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On leaving Obukhiv we turn to route P 19 and then drive through the young city of power engineering specialists Ukrainka to ancient Trypillia. More than a hundred years ago the archeolqgist Vikentiy Khvoyka discovered here, during archeological digs, a-new culture in the history of mankind, the civilization that existed in the 5 th-3 rd centuries B.C. and was named in honor of the locality. Exhibits of two archeological museums tell us about the way of life of our remote ancestors.The near one – “Prehistoric Ukraine-Aratta” (1 Rybalska St.) – keeps about one and a half thousand unique archeological findings from a private collection: earthenware, implements, zoomorphic figurines, etc. On the outside the walls of the former buoy keeper’s house (today this premise is occupied by the museum with a video room and a quiet cafe) are decorated with drawings in Trypillia style. The other one – the Regional Archaeological Museum – is situated on Divych-Hill, where people settled as far back as the Stone Age, and where the settlement of Trepol’ was located during the time of Kyivan Rus. Near the original building of the museum (12 Heroiv Trypillia St.) stands the monument to V. Khvoyka (sculptor M.Horlovy), the researcher who discovered, besides Trypillia culture, Zarubynetska and Cherniakhivska cultures.

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