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The road in the village of Urych is not up to the mark, however, it is worth visiting the remains of the ancient fortress that in the 9 th-13 th centuries was named Tustan. A group of rocks under the name of Kamin (Stone) formed the basis of the fortress. In the past it served as a custom-house and defendedf Galicia-Volhynian state against enemies. Merchants that moved across the territory of Galicia had to “tut stan” (stop here) and pay customs duty. Even today it is possible to find 4,000 grooves and kerfs made in the rock. On top there are the remnants of tanks, which were used for gathering water. To be on the safe side the defenders equipped a good well. In the mid-13 th century the Tatars burnt the fortress down, and in 1340 it was seized by the Poles. The final decline came in the 16th century.

In May 1914 a meeting of  Ukrainian youth, timed to the 100 th anniversary of Taras Shevchenko’s birth, took place in the territory of the rocks. Today it is a popular place for recreation and holding knight’s tournaments (August -September).

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