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“Veseli Bokovenky”

The inhabitants and guests of Kirovograd take great pleasure in spending time in the territory of  “Veseli Bokovenky” dendrological park, which is situated 65 km. to the south-east of the city. You should take route H 23 in the direction of Kryvyi Rih. Before Bratoliubivka turn right to­wards Zelenyi Hay. In ancient times traveling waggoner’s road ran along the banks of the Bokovenka River, and more than 100 years ago, in 1893, Nikolay Lvovich Davydov laid out there a great park. Three artificial ponds have been decorating it to our time; the collection of its arboretum numbers about one thousand species. The collector brought rare plants from all over the world in course of many years: here you can see the relict tree ginkgo, the iron and tulip trees. The quiet glades and shady alleys attract tourists who search for rest from noisy towns. Near the main entrance there is a small hotel where you can spend the night.

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