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Voronovytsia (24 km away from Vinnytsia) is situated over the Zhvan River. As far back as 1748, according to a royal decree, it acquired the status of a city. From the mid-18 th century the locality belonged to the family of Mykhailo Grokhovski who started building a palace there (arch. D.Merlini, V.Lenin St.). Encircled with a park French style the construction turned into a quiet family estate. In 1869 the palace passed into the possession of the Russian officer Nikolay Mozhaisky, and after his tragic death passed to his brother Aleksandr. The famous adherent of aeronautics, Aleksandr Mozhaisky, astonished, and sometimes even frightened his neighbors with various technical experiments. According to Colonel P. Bogoslavsky, the inventor, in 1876, flew up twice and “soared with comfort.” ln 1881 he acquired a permit from the czar to build an airplane with engine. One year later A.Mozhaisky’s apparatus flew up into the sky. However, the invention didn’t become known to the world.

The brothers Wright won the laurels of pioneers. During World War II the palace was the German analytic-reconnaissance department of the land forces Joint Staff under R.Gelen. Today it is a museum.

Vinnytsia region is an oblast of Ukraine, which severely suffered from the genocide of the Ukrainian people – the famine organized in 1932-1933 by the criminal Communist regime of the USSR. Dying on the lands most fertile in the world, thousands of Ukrainian peasants tried to save themselves by any means they could. It even got to cannibalism.

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