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Right after Vyzhnytsia begins the village of Vyzhenka, which has been famous since Austrian times for its health resorts and Christian and Judaic sanctuaries. It is the place where Bukovynian Hutsulia begins. On entering the village, where the stream Lyskovets flows into the Vyzhenka River, there is the Orthodox wooden Church of St. John the Baptist of the late 18 th century, which is a wonderful example of Hutsulian religious architecture. To get to the church you should turn right after the bridge across the Vyzhenka, near the chapel, and a crooked narrow street will bring you up to the church. The temple was built in 1792. According to oral tradition previously here stood a bell tower that had been built in place of a fierce battle in which the local people defeated the Tatars. From near the stone bell tower opens up a wonderful panorama of the Vyzhenka valley.

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