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The date of origin of the small marvelous city of on the Supiy River isn’t known exactly, but first written reference to it dates from the early 17 th century. The area of the city has been populated since the hoary past, which is evinced by numerous burial grounds in the steppe alongside the highway. The river had been mentioned much earlier than the settlement – as long ago as the 11 th century, in the “Teaching.. .” of Volodymyr Monomachus. In the outskirts of Yahotyn the Supiy was turned into a beautiful pond, which makes the city look especially romantic. It’s supplemented with a luxurious park, which serves as the boundary between the center and the outskirts. So it becomes clear why it is worth coming here for peace of mind and a feeling of harmony. It should be noted that the park is only the remains of the former splendor, and the memory of the magnificent past. More than one and a half centuries ago Taras Shevchenko was on a visit to the estate of the Rozumovsky-Repnins. In 2003 the memorial exposition “Taras Shevchernko’s Outhouse” was opened in the territory of the former estate. The count Repnin was an enlightened and hospitable person – he had about a dozen outbuildings for guests in his park. Men of letters, musicians, artists sojourned at the estate. N.Gogol, M.Glinka, Ye. Hrebinka, T.Shechenko – it is just a brief list of celebrities who visited Yahotyn palace. Taras Shevchenko, who was in good graces of Varvara Rpnina, the daughter of the master, put up three times at the outhouse, which has been restored recently. Put on display at the outhouse are the poet’s room, furniture from the estate, works of art by the artist, and so on. Taking into account different social status with the count’s heiress, Taras Shevchenko couldn’t reciprocate her feelings…

In the great park there is a picture gallery, which is housed in the right projection of the surviving palace. On the first floor of the gallery there is an exhibition of works by Kateryna Bilokur. In front of the building there is an alley lined with the busts of the Heroes of the Soviet Union, fellow countrymen who were awarded this high rank twice.

To get to the territory of the estate you should drive along Nezalezhnosti St. towards the central square; the remains of the palace-and-park complex are found on the left.

The Historical Museum is situated a little farther in Nezalezhnosti St., No. 14. He you will hear the story of the city and the people who played an important role in its history.

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