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YAREMCHA is not only beautiful scenery and a well-known waterfall, but also a place for recreation and a mountain-skiing resort known far beyond the borders of Ukraine. The small village of Dora from which, they say, emerged Yaremcha, dates back to 1787.

Yarema Hodovanets is considered its founder. Other researchers are inclined to attribute the name of the locality to the Turkic term ” to turn back.” To rest in Yaremcha became fashionable as long ago as the Austro-Hungarian time. Guests from Lviv, Krakow, and Vienna came there every year to delight in nature and original daily life of the highlanders.

The development of the resort was hastened by the railway, which was built in 1895. The most interesting architectural monument is the railway bridge that is 28 meters high above the river. It replaced the old viaduct of the architect S. Kosynsky, which before the war was considered the most complicatec transport construction in Poland.

In Yaremcha you have an opportunity to see 0. Dovbush’s stone and cave. It seems this stone does not belong to Dovbush any more – it bears too many autobiographic inscriptions left on it by tourists. Regarding the caves there is a question as well, for there is no village in the Ukrainian Carpathians, they say, where glorious Oleksa and his “black guys” wouldn’t stay.

Of special interest is St. Michael’s Church (17 th cent.) and the Church of St. John the Gracious (18 th cent). Museum of liberation struggle is also functioning in town.

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