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The name of the settlement of Zalischyky (“beyond the forest”) comes from the name of the locality where it is situated. Some people say that the first settlers made their home “beyond the forest”. Others maintain that in the 10 th-12 th centuries, when the Dniester was an important trade route between Galicia and Moldavia, merchants liked to rest in the shadow of the local hazel nut trees.

Today picturesque landscapes and almost a Mediterranean climate are the main advantages of the settlement. The Bukovynian bank of the Dniester, rising 70-120 meters above the river and the settlement’s level, keeps warm air. The sun is shining almost the whole year round. The local farmers and wine-growers are well known in Ukraine.

In literature the name of the village of Zalischyky (122 km. away from Ternopil) appeared in 1469. But officially it originated about 1750. Then it was the property of the Krakow castellan Stanislaw August Poniatowski. In 1763 the Roman-Catholic Church of St. Stanislaw arose with his financial support. In 1766 Zalischyky was granted Magdeburg rights, and in 1774, the status of a chief town of a district. Jewish population prevailed there as in many other Galician cities. The Poles held mostly government posts. The Ukrainians made up a majority of the population of suburbs and neighboring villages. In June 1919 Zalischyky was the seat of the government of the Transcarpathian Ukrainian People’s Republic, and in September 1939, after the outbreak of World War II, many Poles departed for forced emigration through the town.

In the past the city was adorned with a park laid out in the first half of the 19 th century. The remains of the empire castle of the Brunicki family (1831) have been preserved hitherto. Today it is a hospital amidst a neglected park through which you may come to the bank of the Dniester River. It is hard to imagine today that in the past the whole bank of the Dniester was built up with holiday hotels: Ballada, Helenowka, Maria, Morela, Naddniestrzanka, Neapol, Vita, Bajka, Irena, Kresowianka, Riwiera. There were the movie theater “Sokil”, which gave its premises to guest theatrica companies, tennis courts, shooting and rowing clubs. Beautiful scenery and nice climate is all you can enjoy in Zalischyky today.

Before the mid-20th century Zalischyky was considered one of the most prestigious resorts of Poland. To get there holiday-makers from Lviv were provided with a special train with deluxe carriages. The “Soniachny” (Sunny) beach enjoyed great popularity. Holiday-makers not only lied in the sun and bathed in the clean river, but were offered the most diversi­fied entertainment. A major event of the season was the “Wine-making” festival held in the second half of Septem­ber. Vineyards’ owners offered their produce. Occasionally they staged concerts, theatri­cal performances, and held equestrian competitions. The organizer of the festival was the local resort administra­tion, which distributed invita­tions in big cities of Poland and abroad.

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