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There is the village of Zarvanytsia in the Ternopil’ oblast, which, as a Christian center, bears a close comparison to the Kyiv-Pechersk and Pochaiv lavras. First written reference to the settlement dates from 1458, and its name is linked with the appearance of a wonder-working image. In the 13 th century a monk, who fled from the Tatar-devastated Kyiv, spent the night in a forest and saw in his sleep a beautiful woman. When he woke up, he saw a spring, and above it, the icon of the God’s Mother with the infant Christ in her hands. The place where sleep overcame (Ukr. zarvav = overcame) the monk was called Zarvanytsia. According to a legend the Terebovliansky prince Vasylko took on a new lease of life near the icon. So it was he who founded the monastery. In 1867 the Pope Pius IX gave the icon of the God’s Mother of Zarvanytsia the remission status, i.e. one who comes to bow to it obtains a special bliss from God.

In Soviet times the monastery was destroyed. But the spring in its territory came up to the surface again and again.

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