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The settlement of Zymne, which is 5 km. away from Volodymyr-Volynsky, is situated on the bank of the Luh Riverand has the Sviatohirsk Assumption Defensive Monastery surrounded by defensive walls. According to a legend Prince Volodymyr Sviatoslavych built there a winter residence and temple in 1001. Since then the wonder-working icon of Zymne Mother of God has been kept at the monastery. According to oral tradition the princess Anna brought it from Constantinople to Kyiv in 988. The locality chosen for the cloister was not an accidental one, for there was a settlement of the Slavic tribe of Dulibs nearby. First written reference to the cloister can be seen in the life of St. Theodosius Pechersky. In 1495 the prince Fedor Chartoryisky founded the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary (1495-1550) and defensive walls with towers (16 th-17 th cent.).

Under the church there were the sepulchers of Princes Chartoryiskies. Oleksandr Chartoryisky had reconstructed. In 1795, when this part of Volhynia passed on to Russia, the monastery was renovated with the introduction of architectural elements inherent in Russian Orthodoxy (arch. M.Kozlov). In 1939 the “Soviets” closed the sanctuary. The local collective farm organized there its economy, which destroyed part of the original structures. Now it is a functioning convent. Outside the convent’s walls, below the main temple, there is the small Church of the Holy Trinity (1465-1475). It is obviously of a defensive character which is evinced by the walls’ thickness. Not far away there is the entrance to the underground caves, where nuns arranged the Church of St. Bartholomew.

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